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Water Birds


We are an independent charity that takes in injured, sick and orphaned British wildlife. We rehabilitate it and re-release back to the wild.


Knoxwood is an independent wildlife rescue, rehabilitation & re-release facility in Cumbria, England. We specialise in the care of injured wildlife across a vast range of species and over our 40-year existence have successfully treated and released thousands of creatures from the common to the endangered.

We have a 5-acre site, complete with purpose built wildlife hospital, rehabilitation enclosures, soft release facilities, ponds and have the full use and development of our beautiful 6 acre water meadow reserve for release and habitat creation.


We take in wildlife from all over the UK, but our usual operational area is the whole of the north of England, from coast to coast, as far south as Rochdale and up into Southern Scotland. 


People turn up at our gate with injured wildlife. We do the rest. We work closely with Belle Vue Vets in Wigton who provide veterinary care for all our creatures. 

All you need to do is organise transport to us and our dedicated team will assess, treat, transfer to the vet where needed, feed, care for and look after the creature in question. 

We do ask you leave a donation towards this if you can please. You can donate online here

British wildlife only - we CAN NOT take in dogs and cats and other pets.

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