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Get yourself involved! Find out where we need your help and what you can do to really make a difference.


Be a shop

Yes! Please! Head on over to our shops page to find out how to go about it.


Our volunteers must be 16+years of age.

Events & sponsored things

Want to run a coffee morning, do a sponsored dog walk, run a marathon, eat 20 donuts in 4 minutes? Please email us with your details, the details of your event, and request a sponsor form if you need one. If you use our sponsor form, we can claim giftaid too! email us here.

Workplaces & Schools

Want to do a little something at school or work? setting up a collection  for animal food, supplies and bedding is always very much appreciated!

Be an eBay seller

If you are too far away from one of our shops and have goods to donate, you can sell them on eBay and donate a percentage to us. When you list an item all you have to do is select the "donate a percentage to charity" option and search for Knoxwood. Happy days!

Volunteer at the sanctuary

We don't have a lot of volunteer spaces at Knoxwood, the work is rough, dirty and messy. Our volunteers must be 16+years of age.

Reality check:  If you want to come and scrub hospital cages for hours and mop floors then please email us here.

Foster Feeders

Ok... this is HUGE. If you have extensive experience and relevant skills, we may need volunteer foster feeders from time to time for nests of hand rear hedgehogs and rabbits. If you think you may have what we need, drop us an email here. 

Our volunteers must be 16+years of age.

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